Ballarat Grammar School, Tuition

Year 7 IMP Concert

What a night!!

So insanely proud of the Ballarat Grammar School Year 7 Pipe Band after tonight’s stellar performances!

These pupils have been learning the bagpipes since May, although I have only been teaching them since October and for them to have achieved so much in such a short space of time is incredible!! We played 3 sets tonight; Amazing Grace – (which the kids learnt with me), Bluebells (which they already knew) and a rock number mash-up, ‘Wake me up when We Will Rock you’ (Avicci & Queen!) – which we only put together 3 weeks ago!! It was so good and so much fun to play!

Was also super cool to have the year 7 drummers join us, playing on our brand new drums for the 5th time! These¬†guys were awesome playing unaccompanied tonight, as our drumming instructor (Tom Mewett) couldn’t make it.

Hoping that a lot of these kids will continue on with their bagpipe lessons next year as they have so much potential! #watchthisspace



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