Learn the Bagpipes for Christmas!


Give the gift that lasts a lifetime this Xmas; give someone you love the gift of music lessons! More specifically, BAGPIPE lessons!!

If you, or someone you know has ever wanted to learn the bagpipe – now’s your chance to bag yourself a great deal on getting started!

For the following prices I am offering 4 x 30 minute lessons with myself (normally $30 each) which includes the purchase of a practise chanter, which is what we use to learn before progressing on to the bagpipes (RRP $90-$120)

$180 for under 12’s,
$200 for 12-17
and $220 for adults.

These prices include all learning materials.

For more information please get in touch, and please share this with all your friends!

Like you needed more of an excuse, here’s an article as to why learning music makes you smarter!


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