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Ballarat Grammar Presentation Night

Tonight was a beautiful ceremony and I love the fact my bagpipe pupils get to play such a big part in it! To conclude Presentation Night the Pipe Band was accompanied by the Orchestra, playing Highland Cathedral whilst the current year 12’s exit the stage. 13 pipers on stage, including 5 year 7’s- is the makings of one very proud bagpipe teacher! Can’t wait to get stuck in next year!



Ballarat Grammar School, Tuition

Year 7 IMP Concert

What a night!!

So insanely proud of the Ballarat Grammar School Year 7 Pipe Band after tonight’s stellar performances!

These pupils have been learning the bagpipes since May, although I have only been teaching them since October and for them to have achieved so much in such a short space of time is incredible!! We played 3 sets tonight; Amazing Grace – (which the kids learnt with me), Bluebells (which they already knew) and a rock number mash-up, ‘Wake me up when We Will Rock you’ (Avicci & Queen!) – which we only put together 3 weeks ago!! It was so good and so much fun to play!

Was also super cool to have the year 7 drummers join us, playing on our brand new drums for the 5th time! These guys were awesome playing unaccompanied tonight, as our drumming instructor (Tom Mewett) couldn’t make it.

Hoping that a lot of these kids will continue on with their bagpipe lessons next year as they have so much potential! #watchthisspace



Ballarat Grammar School, Tuition

Changing of the the Guards; Ballarat Grammar Year 11 procession to year 12

Today the Ballarat Grammar School Pipe Band got to lead a lovely symbol of change and progression. To mark the end of reign for the current year 12’s, we lead this years Year 11’s on a march around the whole school to their new home for 2016; the Year 12 Common Room.