The start of the practise series!

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The bain of most people’s lum!

When we only get an hour or half hour together during the week, it’s hard to remember all the things I want you to improve on- or indeed how to even go about improving them at all! Sometimes we can be so overwhelmed with what to practise, that it’s easier to bury our heads in the sand then actually work out a plan of attack!

Over the next few weeks I’m going to share with you my top tips for improving practise, consequently improving your overall playing and making you a happier piper/person in general! Don’t be fooled, I may be talking about bagpipe practise, but you can certainly apply all of these tips to any areas in your life you know you want to improve on!

So to start off these practise tips, I want you to spend some time over the next few days thinking about how you feel right now; are you tired? Physically, or mentally? Where’s your head at? Do you feel invincible? Recognising your current state of mind at the beginning of your practise sessions can be the determining factor between a successful session, or a frustrating session that leaves you feeling pissed off and questioning your life choices!

Stay tuned; next instalment will expand on how to tailor your practise to suit your mood! If you liked this reading, let me and your friends know!


Learn the Bagpipes for Christmas!


Give the gift that lasts a lifetime this Xmas; give someone you love the gift of music lessons! More specifically, BAGPIPE lessons!!

If you, or someone you know has ever wanted to learn the bagpipe – now’s your chance to bag yourself a great deal on getting started!

For the following prices I am offering 4 x 30 minute lessons with myself (normally $30 each) which includes the purchase of a practise chanter, which is what we use to learn before progressing on to the bagpipes (RRP $90-$120)

$180 for under 12’s,
$200 for 12-17
and $220 for adults.

These prices include all learning materials.

For more information please get in touch, and please share this with all your friends!

Like you needed more of an excuse, here’s an article as to why learning music makes you smarter!


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Ballarat Grammar Presentation Night

Tonight was a beautiful ceremony and I love the fact my bagpipe pupils get to play such a big part in it! To conclude Presentation Night the Pipe Band was accompanied by the Orchestra, playing Highland Cathedral whilst the current year 12’s exit the stage. 13 pipers on stage, including 5 year 7’s- is the makings of one very proud bagpipe teacher! Can’t wait to get stuck in next year!




Principal Higgs Evensong

Great evening on Friday at Ballarat Grammar School, where the pipe band got to finish the Evensong celebrations for Principal Higgs. It was a smaller band for us tonight, however I was an extremely proud bagpipe tutor as 2 of my year 7 learners joined us for their first time marching!


**UPDATES** ABC Recordings for the Rhianna Patrick show

If you missed me playing on the radio on Sunday night with the Present tense ensemble- you can listen back here! I’m playing the Scottish border pipes in ‘Sweet Dreams’, and xylophone in the other tracks! The tune I play during ‘Sweet Dreams’ is one of my favourites; Chloe’s Passion by Dr Angus MacDonald. This tune was written after a painting hanging in the Young & Jackson’s pub in Melbourne on Flinders St!




Amazing day yesterday in the abc 774 Melbourne recording studio with the @pt_ensemble ! Tune in at 8pm on sun 29th of November to hear our works! #abcrhi

Be sure to tune into @abcradio 774 tonight at 8pm to hear some reimagined synth tracks on the Rhianna Patrick show !…

Posted by Amber Bagpipes on Saturday, 28 November 2015